30 day plankWhat is a plank? In exercise terms, a plank is a held pose, most commonly with straight and aligned back and hips, putting the body’s weight on the elbows, forearms, and toes. This straightness is also reflective of another meaning of the word “plank”: a straight piece of wood. The plank exercise pose is great at strengthening the core: targeting the abs, back, chest, arms, and hips.

Upon writing this, I am currently on day twenty-three of the attached thirty-day plank challenge. When first starting, reaching three minutes (as I currently am) seemed like a lofty goal, let alone the end goal of five minutes. Although gradually increasing resistance and intensity has been a staple in my exercise philosophy, this is the first time that I have tried one of these progressive, month-long, routines. I am pleasantly surprised in the overall results of increased strength, toned muscle, and confidence.

This exercise program is just one of thousands of possibilities. Having a plan of action is critical in reaching your fitness goals. Challenge yourself in your fitness, with this plank program, or something similar. The most important thing is to get moving.

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