Brain Gym —- What’s it all about and what can it do for you?

Brain Gym is based on the work of Dr. Paul Dennison. Dr. Dennison has based his work on brain research, the nervous system as a whole, how the body learns, and what causes the body/brain to get stuck. To simplify: our brain/body system develops a reaction (pathway in the brain), to stimulation in our environments. The same track is followed over and over again when we are faced with various physical or psychological stimuli. When in Fight or Flight mode, stressed and overwhelmed we become stuck or blocked.

Dennison developed 26 Brain Gym movements, and groupings of these movements, to develop new neuro pathways in the brain to assist us in changing the old stuck pattern. This allows learning new things, retrieving information learned, communication, comprehension, remembering, thinking and more, to be easier and smoother.

I have used Brain Gym with students in learning situations, folks who have had brain injuries such as strokes, concussions, and on-going emotional stress, have trouble concentrating or who want to have learning something new and retrieving learned information easier. I work with teachers, and students, as well as any interested individual, to learn and use Brain Gym techniques allowing their lives to flow easier and have greater energy to work with. I also use Brain Gym in my daily life on a regular basis for 30 + years.

Call me if you’d like to have an individual session based on a personal need or if you’d like to arrange for a group of individuals to work together on learning Brain Gym techniques. Cost varies as I have different rates based on child or adult. Groups rates vary based on size. To make an appointment or find out more about Brain Gym, please call me at 1-608-513-4752.

Thanks Terry Haag RN BSN

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