Fun WorkoutEngaging in a challenging workout may put you on track for reaching your fitness goals, but if your routine isn’t fun, and you leave dreading your next workout, then you’re probably on a collision course with failure. Working out is hard. It takes discipline and commitment. And yes, it’s so much easier (and often times enjoyable) to put on the weight than to take it off.

We all the power to choose our reaction to a difficult situation: We can overreact, get angry, and risk making things even worse. Or we can just lighten up and find the funny. Imagine contacting your healthcare provider and him/her saying, “Watch two comedy movies and call me in the morning.” Laughter is a great healer. Studies show it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, increases muscle flexion, and boosts immune function by raising levels of T cells, which fight infection, and B cells, which produce disease-destroying anti-bodies. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, an produces an overall sense of well-being.

Have you ever watched children at play and noticed how easily and heartily they laugh? We should all be like that. Granted, laughing while performing a squat or push-up may be disastrous to your form and breathing, but we should be enjoying what we are doing, from the inside out. Ben Franklin once wrote, “Some people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they are 75.” Laughter an humor teach us how to live life to it’s fullest. Why not allow their healing powers to improve your health and happiness?

Lighten up. Don’t give yourself such a hard time. You don’t have to be perfect. Striving for perfection can also be an unattainable goal, with crushing ramifications. Don’t get me wrong, indeed do the best you can, but just realize that no one is perfect all of the time and that our “best” changes all the time. A sense of humor opens doors, releases tension, and builds new friendships and business opportunities. Run from doom and gloom, and surround yourself with happy, shiny people and environments. As people, we are very moldable. Turn yourself into a positive force to be reckoned with.

Finally, take the “work” out of workout, when you find a routine that allows you to have the most fun. You’re creating a better you. It therefore shouldn’t all be blood, sweat, and tears. You should feel empowered by all the positive changes you are bringing into your life, and that deserves a smile.

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Christopher Kazda is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Chiropractic Technician at New Beginnings Chiropractic, 1861 Business Hwy 18/151, Mount Horeb, WI 53572. He is available Monday through Saturday to help you reach your fitness goals.

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