Office Hours for this week:

Monday 12-3

Tuesday 12-6

Thursday 3-6

Friday 9-12

**Please note, due to Governor Evers announcement on closures, we will be closing our Infrared Sauna during this time. We feel it falls under the Spa-Type Services/similar to tanning beds. We want to comply and keep everyone in our community as safe as we possibly can. We will open again as soon as we can.

We will still offer our Sweet 16 Sauna Special this week with some updates. Guests will now be able to purchase as many sessions as desired at the $16 price, and use them at any point in the future. You may call and purchase them over the phone so you won’t even need to leave your home!

Stay safe and be well!

About the Author

Dr. Brenda Trudell is a chiropractor and owner of New Beginnings Chiropractic in Mount Horeb, WI. The clinic focuses on natural health, especially for women, pregnancy and children through chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, fitness, nutrition, essential oils, and more. As a female chiropractor, she understands the special circumstances surrounding women's health. Men and women are not created equal, and it is important to acknowledge that in the healthcare world. She strives to find the most current healthcare information to help all of her patients.

Dr. Trudell is available to present to groups on many different topics. Please contact the office for details or with any questions. Dr. Trudell is certified in the Webster Technique. For more information, visit or email at