Just want to check in and see how you’re doing

It’s hard to even fathom that we are now entering our 6th week of quarantine. So many emotions, experiences, challenges, blessings, fears, joys. We’ve had the emotional roller coasters, with both good and bad along the journey.

So I have been asking everyone– How Are You? Are you sleeping? Are you eating? Are you forgetful? Are you angry? Are you cherishing this time? Are you scared? Are you healthy? Are you coping?

So many of us are having different experiences with this situation. Some great, some ok, some awful.

What we keep sharing with our practice members is to remember that stress and fear are the biggest threat during this time. They take us out of the present moment. They tax our nervous system. They deplete our immune system. They make us more susceptible to all kinds of dangers and infections. They impair our ability to think critically. They keep us in fight or flight. This is no way to “live”, or thrive, for months.

So what can we do to break out of the stress response during this time, even if only for short periods a day?

1) Get chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments help boost the parasympathetic side of the nervous system responsible for relaxation, growth and development. They relieve stress and tension on the nervous system, which decreases the sympathetic (fight or flight) side of the nervous system, and allows our body to relax. Proper function of the nervous system improves coordination of all other systems, including the immune system.

2) Deep breathing. Taking deep breaths helps stimulate the Vagus Nerve, and boost the parasympathetic nervous system. Deep breaths can also help interrupt the stress pattern we are stuck in. Try adding deep breaths throughout the day. 6 counts in, 8 counts out. Getting more oxygen to muscles also helps relieve tension, and it’s a great exercise for lung function too.

3) Turn off your triggers. Is the 6 o’clock news freaking you out? Are people on Facebook driving you crazy? Do you feel stressed and anxious just thinking about these things? Turn them off. You will be amazed at how your neurology changes when you are not immersed in messages of doom and gloom. Fear is often worse than reality, and letting fear take control of our lives is a sure fire way to get ourselves sick.

4) Find a way to release stress. A couple of weeks ago we did a webinar with Terry Haag about Seva, Acupressure and Brain Gym, by using points on the body stop the stress response. Check out the replay here.  In addition to this, meditation, yoga, fresh air, exercise, yard work, walking, journaling, and laughter all help relieve stress. Use a tennis ball against a wall to relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow. Using gentle stretching with breath to unlock tight shoulders, chest and ribs. Download apps to help with meditation and deep relaxation. Get moving with kiddos, create obstacle courses or fun exercise routines.

5) Get rest. Sleep is critical to stay healthy, but many of us have been dealing with insomnia and altered sleep patterns during this. We have to remember that this is traumatic. Especially for children. If you need something extra to get sleep for you or your child right now, please do so. CBD oil is a great stress reliever and helps many people get a better night’s sleep. Essential oils are great for sleep and relaxation as well. Some of my favorites are Lavender, Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Valor, and RutaVala. Please let us know if you would like us to order any of these for you. Even deep breathing with essential oils can calm the stress response, and wearing or diffusing during the day may make for a calmer environment. There are also herbs and supplements and homeopathic remedies that can be very calming and promote better sleep.

These are just a few ways to help decrease the stress response, which is going to help you in SO many ways, including enhancing the function of the immune system. Please use these tools to help you and your family during this time of crisis. If you have any additional or specific questions on any of these, please feel free to reach out. I want to help everyone I can right now, by giving them the tools to not just survive this crisis, but to actually thrive during and after.

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Bruce Litpon, PhD, “You cannot be in growth and protection at the same time”How profound is this? How are we expected to “survive” this health crisis if we are kept in a place of fear? Fear will not make this go away, it will only feed it. Growth comes from being in parasympathetic mode, protection comes sympathetic. Some people will argue that we NEED protection right now, we need to FIGHT this. Protection and fighting are great if a tiger is chasing you and you need it for the short term. It shunts resources away from organs and systems (immune system) in order to use more energy for an immediate need, like running away. We are going on A MONTH AND A HALF of fear and sympathetic response. Anyone can tell you that is NOT in the best interests of survival. This has been robbing resources from immune system,digestive system, brain, heart, liver and everything else our bodies needs on a daily basis to thrive. Please understand the difference, and know that YOU have the power right now to decrease your stress response, to increase your immune response, and to ensure a higher chance of survival. And it comes by doing the things listed above.

We are open, we have been seeing grateful patients, and we have been staying healthy. If you feel you or your family could benefit from some sympathetic interrupt, and get a parasympathetic boost, schedule your appointment today. Here is the link for online scheduling.  If you are not quite ready to venture out, or have been recently ill, then please try out some of our other suggestions until you are ready to do so.

Our hours are limited right now due to childcare, but we are seeing patients Monday 9-12, Tuesday and Thursday 3-6, and Friday 9-12.

I miss seeing all of your faces, and all the laughter from the kiddos in the office. I hope we can all connect soon, and get back to gathering, and a sense of community again. Sending love and health to you all,

Dr. Brenda

About the Author

Dr. Brenda Trudell is a chiropractor and owner of New Beginnings Chiropractic in Mount Horeb, WI. The clinic focuses on natural health, especially for women, pregnancy and children through chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, fitness, nutrition, essential oils, and more. As a female chiropractor, she understands the special circumstances surrounding women's health. Men and women are not created equal, and it is important to acknowledge that in the healthcare world. She strives to find the most current healthcare information to help all of her patients.

Dr. Trudell is available to present to groups on many different topics. Please contact the office for details or with any questions. Dr. Trudell is certified in the Webster Technique. For more information, visit newbeginningschiropractic.net or email at brendatrudell@drtrudell.com.