march forwardSpring is always the best time of the year. I have already dug out my gardening books and magazines, been dreaming up fun nature-based play areas to create in the backyard for my daughter, buying supplies to start some seeds indoors, and eagerly waiting for warmer days for hikes and windows open.

Spring, and more specifically March, always signal to me that We Made It. We survived the worst of the worst, the coldest of the cold, the darkest of the dark. Although it’s not perfect yet, it will be soon. And it always brings me HOPE. Hope for better, for improved, for a restart, for growth.

I love gardening. I love being outdoors, digging in the dirt, watching things come to life once again. When you connect to the earth and the seasons, you connect to life. I think oftentimes in this technologized, over-medicalized, opinionated, sensationalized world we now live in, we forget that we are humans. That we are of the Earth. We are connected and interconnected. We need to go back to that. Our children NEED to go back to that, desperately. There is no better way to ground than to literally be barefoot on the grass in the sunshine. There is not a better science teacher than Mother Earth herself showing us the growth that happens in the spring, and the magic that appears when you plant a seed.

This is also a fantastic time to jumpstart your own health journey. Spring is a great time to cleanse, detox and purify. The plants coming up from March to May are literally begging you to use them to cleanse your body. Dandelion, stinging nettles, red clover, yellow dock, burdock, wild violet. Your backyard is a living pasture of cleansing herbs. Adding these to your regimen of neuro-focused chiropractic care, infrared sauna, red light therapy, exercise, and fresh air will help you march forward to better health and a renewed sense of connection to our planet.

And don’t forget that kiddos can really use the extra neuro-chiropractic care this time of year too! Transitioning can always be a challenge on nervous systems, even if the transition is “good.” Right now, there is a lot going on internally and externally–removing masks, uncertainty of the future, spring allergies, change in sports seasons, more active, end of the school year, etc. Having a game plan of consistent, neuro-focused chiropractic care can help kiddos handle stressors and challenges with ease, and give their bodies a better chance to heal and grow. Give us a call if you have more questions.

This year more than ever, we need connection, grounding, nature, and science the way Mother Earth has always intended.

Check out our list of March events and specials. Connect with us so we can all March Forward together.

About the Author

Dr. Brenda Trudell is a chiropractor and owner of New Beginnings Chiropractic in Mount Horeb, WI. The clinic focuses on natural health, especially for women, pregnancy and children through chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, fitness, nutrition, essential oils, and more. As a female chiropractor, she understands the special circumstances surrounding women's health. Men and women are not created equal, and it is important to acknowledge that in the healthcare world. She strives to find the most current healthcare information to help all of her patients.

Dr. Trudell is available to present to groups on many different topics. Please contact the office for details or with any questions. Dr. Trudell is certified in the Webster Technique. For more information, visit or email at