October eventsIt’s hard to believe we are approaching our last 3 months of 2022! Are you like me, and still processing the past 3 years? This time of year brings me so much grounding, connection and joy.

But, we still have some hurdles over the next few months–Navigating Back to School StressCold-Flu Season/Covid/Immune System StressHoliday StressDetox from Sugar, EMFs, and Tech Overload; and Decreased Vitamin D and Fresh Air now that summer is almost over.

Now is NOT the time to take the foot off the gas. Right now is when we need to dig deep, strengthen immune systems, find ways to release stress, eat healthy, decrease toxins, and help our Nervous Systems adapt to the onslaught bombarding us daily.

The Good News? We have the tools, resources, and services to help you and your family not only Survive the rest of 2022, but THRIVE.

October is one of our busiest months of the year. It is National Chiropractic Health Month, and we celebrate it (and YOU) ALL. MONTH. LONG.  We are hosting a number of timely and useful online and in-person workshops, having a free sauna and red light day, celebrating ChiroKids Day, honoring our practice members with a Patient Appreciation Day, collecting donations for Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and hosting an amazing fall raffle!

We are committed to improving the health of our practice members, community and their families. We are very serious about helping patients overcome health challenges and learn ways to thrive and co-exist. Strong healthy individuals make a MUCH stronger and healthier community. Join us as we commit to finishing 2022 our healthiest yet!

There is something for everyone here, and we want you to be a part of it. On top of the free educational workshops, we will be giving away samples of supplements, health and wellness drinks, essential oils, plus Pathways Magazines, and swag from our office. We’re gonna be dropping knowledge and supporting health, so DO NOT miss out on this stuff!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and get signed up for our email. We can’t wait to stay connected with you!

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About the Author

Dr. Brenda Trudell is a chiropractor and owner of New Beginnings Chiropractic in Mount Horeb, WI. The clinic focuses on natural health, especially for women, pregnancy and children through chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, fitness, nutrition, essential oils, and more. As a female chiropractor, she understands the special circumstances surrounding women's health. Men and women are not created equal, and it is important to acknowledge that in the healthcare world. She strives to find the most current healthcare information to help all of her patients.

Dr. Trudell is available to present to groups on many different topics. Please contact the office for details or with any questions. Dr. Trudell is certified in the Webster Technique. For more information, visit newbeginningschiropractic.net or email at brendatrudell@drtrudell.com.