August and September 2107 Events and Specials:

  • Dr. Brenda’s office hours: Starting in September: Mondays 8-4 pm; Tuesdays 11-6 pm; Wednesdays CLOSED; Thursdays 11-6 pm; Fridays 8-1 pm; Saturdays August 12th and September 16th from 8-12 pm.
  • Infrared Sauna Hours: Mondays 9-4 pm; Tuesdays 9-6 pm; Wednesdays 11-9 pm; Thursdays 11-6 pm; Fridays 9-5 pm; Saturday¬†August 12th and September 16th from 8-12 pm.
  • Perfect Storm Workshops-Explaining the root cause behind developmental and behavioral issues in our children.
  • Pathways Connect Meeting Saturday, February 18th from 8:30-0 am. RSVP required.