March is Colic Awareness Month

March is Colic Awareness Month, and we can help Colic is a very common reason for visits to pediatricians and pediatric chiropractors. Signs of colic usually indicate the infant is in some form of pain or distress, with hours of crying, tightness in belly, reflux, digestive issues, and interrupted sleep. Colic is often the result of spinal and cranial subluxations due to prenatal stress and/or birth injury. Pediatric chiropractic is a safe, gentle and effective approach to help reduce nervous system stress and tension, which allows babies greater ease and comfort. Parents report positive outcomes post-adjustment, with decreased hours of crying, less frequent crying episodes, easier to calm, improved breastfeeding, better sleep, less fussy overall, and better digestion. 

Birth trauma is way more common than most providers want to admit. So many important nerves and cranial nerves run through the cranial and upper cervical vertebrae in the neck. The vagus nerve helps regulate social cues, digestion, sleep and keeps us in a more balanced parasympathetic state. Injury to this delicate part of baby’s spine or cranium can cause many issues, including colic. Getting your baby checked by a certified pediatric chiropractor after birth is the best way to ensure those subluxations get corrected.

Colic can be a horrible experience for the entire family. 😭 Decreased sleep, PTSD-like episodes, anxiety about future crying episodes, being stuck in fight or flight, over-stimulation. It can be very draining on everyone, not just the baby. Chiropractic care has been shown to help babies (and parents!) reduce frequency, duration and severity of colic episodes. Don’t wait for things to become unbearable.

Get a pediatric chiropractic evaluation today, and see how gentle chiropractic can your baby and your family.
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