Add some Green and save some green on your sauna sessions!


You feeling lucky? 

Our #infraredsauna has just what you need to spring forward into great health! 

While the temps may be rising, there are still TONS of springtime health benefits from using the sauna

 *Helps with sinus congestion, especially for those with asthma and allergies this time of year. Use a #jaderoller during your session to drain sinuses and relieve tension

 *Great addition to a #weightloss plan (think spring break or summer bod prep) A 60 minute sesh can burn up to 600 calories. Pair with #redlighttherapy and a workout for a bigger metabolism boost. Take an icy dip or cold shower after for a fat blasting hack

 *Spring is the perfect time for a detox or cleanse. Release the extra weight and toxins from winter with some detoxifying sweat sessions. Pair with other rituals, like #drybodybrushing#oilpulling#TRSspray for a bigger impact on toxin removal

 *Pain Relief and muscle relaxation from #weekendwarrior life and increased physical activity. Do some #guasha and deep tissue work in your session for deeper relaxation 

 *Immune system boost: help cleanse your system, keeps sinuses clear, mimic a fever to kill invaders. 

**Take advantage of our Spring Cleaning Sauna Special March 18th-22nd! Half Off sessions all week long! Come in as many times as you’d like!  Book now!

 Seeing green lately?

Have you tried using #chromotherapy during your #infraredsauna sessions? This month, try out our  GREEN light for positive health benefits :

 ~Green is the color of nature, and many are drawn to it naturally

 ~Green has been shown to relieve stress, calm the mind, and aid in relaxation

 ~It is the color of growth and renewal

 ~It has been shown to ease pain, regulate mood and help with sleep

 ~Green therapy also has skin benefits, and may reduce redness and blotchiness

 ~Green is also connected to our heart chakra, which is all about love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness

Spring is the perfect time for some mind and body renewal. Sauna sessions are HALF OFF March 18-22nd!
Call 437-9990 or book online for your spot, and grab a little green light boost as well!